180 Credit Solutions is a credit repair firm that seeks to provide fast, effective solutions to its client’s credit problems. They use aggressive solutions to remove negative, false, and fraudulent information from credit reports and have some of the best results out of the credit repair companies we looked at.


The first advantage they have is they have a slew of proof of results on their website. This lets customers see what kind of results 180 Credit Solutions has gotten in the past, and gives us confidence that there are very few cases that 180 Credit Solutions can’t handle. The results are in the form of credit reports and letters showing the changes than have been made to customer’s credit history. This setup is our preferred method for results verification, as anyone can type a customer review into a text box and make it seem like there are hundreds of satisfied customers.

180 Credit Solutions also gained points in our review because they have some of the best consumer information and education materials available. The information is laid out in an easy to find and understand fashion, and they are very upfront about the fact that consumers are able to do everything the company does themselves. This doesn’t only show a dedication to helping consumers, but also lets consumers help in the credit repair process, increasing the chances of success. Additionally, they have lots of good information identity theft to help consumers know what to do to avoid becoming a victim.

The last pro we’d like to note is that they received good marks for customer service. Many of the best credit repair companies we reviewed showcased solid customer service, which is important because the credit, credit reporting, and credit repair processes can be so confusing.


180 Credit Solutions doesn’t have very many cons. Customers should take these comments with a grain of salt because we feel we have to present everything, but in the case of 180 Credit Solutions, the pros far outweigh the issues we had with the company. After all, there’s a reason they’re one of our top credit repair companies.

180 Credit Solutions can get even better in that they lack the pricing transparency we expect from the best credit repair companies. They argue that every case is unique, and while this is true, we’d still like to see some basic guidelines regarding how much customers can expect to pay for 180 Credit Solution’s services.

180 Credit Solutions can also improve in that they lack a detailed list of the different services that they offer consumers to fix their credit. As a result customers may find themselves sitting through a meeting or a phone call to find out that the company can’t offer them something that the consumer hasn’t already tried. This can be frustrating for consumers. Moreover, because there are so many different approaches to credit repair, knowing the process and services the company offers helps consumers determine how good of a fit it is for them.


180 Credit Solutions makes it to our group of the best credit repair companies. The results they have on their site speak for themselves. After all, the best measure of a company is how well they perform the services they offer. We’d like to see some more clarity in their pricing, but we can confidently say that 180 Credit Solutions is an excellent choice for credit repair services.