This company self-identifies as a bible based financial service. The emphasis on the religious nature and framing of their financial planning advice is huge, and meant to be a selling point for this service. The first service 411 Tax & Credit Repair Services lists is the preparation of tax returns and is no doubt a large part of their business. Their website is beyond sparse, with no idea whatsoever about their credit repair process is or how much it costs. There is no description of the company’s employees or their credentials. The website is a facebook based site, predominantly serves as an ad rather than a source of information.

Glaring Lack of Description

One of the company’s comments on the website seems to be to remind potential and current tax customers that they actual do provide credit repair services. Most of their traffic seems to be about their “up to $1200” advance against your tax refund if they prepare your tax forms. The only information that is specifically about the credit repair service is that it involves a flat fee of $299.00 with a money back guarantee.  The website claims that they will achieve a 75 minimum credit score increase WITH YOUR PARTICIPATION. Their service basically will guide YOU through the process of researching, disputing and resolving your credit repair process in writing with the credit reporting agencies and other actors. This will require you to write and submit paperwork to the agencies in a timely fashion.

Not Much Better Than Do It Yourself

If your credit problems are deep you might want to seek a different credit repair provider. Although this service is nice for folks who already have plenty of money and probably are being falsely represented as having a credit problem, the chance that they can locate and question the items on your report that have a legitimate basis seem slim.