700 800 Credit Repair is a credit repair firm that focuses on its online presence. They focus on using disputes and consumer education in order to help consumers boost their credit score and gain more favorable terms on credit and financing projects.


One of the best things they have going for them is that their rate and fee structure are very clear, which means consumers know exactly what they’ll be paying should they choose to use the company’s services. Our research indicates that companies with greater transparency frequently get better results in terms of customer satisfaction and customer service. This helps them move up a few points in our reviews.

Lastly, they have a website that is cleanly and clearly laid out. This may seem like a small thing but our research has told us that companies with easy to use websites generally get better marks for customer service and satisfaction. Those that have clunky, outdated, or poorly designed websites frequently have a greater number of customer issues and complaints.


The company isn’t perfect. The first issue we have is they use a monthly fee model instead of a pay-per-deletion model. We don’t like this model as much because it means that the consumer is paying the credit repair firm to wait for a response from the reporting agency. Neither the consumer nor the credit repair company has control over how long the credit reporting agency takes to respond to a dispute or verification request, and so the cost for credit repair services can become higher than it should be with the monthly fee model.


700 800 Credit Repair is a good option for many consumers that have items on the credit report bringing down their score. The company has a solid track record of success and its fees are competitive with other monthly fee model credit repair companies.