ACS Credit Repair is an interesting option for credit repair services. In addition to standard credit repair services like dispute and verification challenges, ACS also has a rapid-rescoring option and the option the purchase tradelines, which make the customer an authorized user on another account to give them a solid credit background.


It’s good that ACS has some unique options for their customers. Tradelines can be tricky to understand, and they are rife with abuses and frauds, so we always advise consumers to be very careful when considering tradelines as an option for establishing a credit history. However, they aren’t offered by many credit repair firms, so if that’s a service that you’re interested in, then ACS might be the credit repair company you’ve been looking for.

ACS also has different PDF credit reports on their site showing before and after results for customers. These credit reports are our favorite kind of verification that companies are able to deliver the results that they promise, and they are much more reliable than plaintext reviews that scroll on sites talking about what great results the company produced. Those can be easily faked, but it is much harder to fake a before and after shot of a customer’s actual credit report.


However, ACS isn’t perfect. We are still suspicious of many of their tactics and claims. For example, the rapid-rescore option they offer to get your credit score updated within 72 hours is highly dubious, as credit reporting agencies don’t really offer that kind of service. Moreover, there’s no description about what manner of tradelines the company uses, and we’re already skeptical of tradelines in general, which means that you’re taking on added risk if you choose them as a credit-enhancing option.


ACS Credit Repair isn’t a company that we can recommend  for most consumers. If you are interested in tradelines and other such credit restoration techniques, then they’re probably a good option. Otherwise, look elsewhere.