Advanced Credit Solutions has been doing credit repairs since 2002, making them one of the more experienced companies out there. They are primarily interested in guiding you through the process of credit restoration. They are fully licensed and bonded and record an removal rate of 70% of the negative items on their clients’ credit reports. They claim to have pioneered the online database that allows customers to access their progress in real time. .By providing a check on the credit repair agency’s progress Advanced Credit Solutions argues that the entire industry has gained credibility with the public at large.

Making the Choice Based on Your Credit Situation

Choosing a credit repair service requires an initial understanding of your credit goals. If the reason you are seeking credit repair is to clean your reports to apply for a large loan or to make a large purchase, tailoring your choice of company to your end goal can be very useful. Many specialize in expedience which can be very helpful for people who know already that there are items that are inaccurately reported and recorded in their credit report. If you are about to buy a house and find out something has affected your credit score recently, a quick and targeted removal is probably best for your purposes.

Credit Repair with an Advisor but Primarily Client Driven

Advanced Credit Solutions also offer all of their clients a credit restoration and maintenance manual with every enrollment into their credit restoration program. This manual theoretically gives the clients every form and letter they use in the credit restoration process.The program also gives every client a dedicated client advocate to assist in managing their restoration program, which is a service that is rare – many services are automated in many companies and just getting a question answered by a person can be difficult. The more intense service that this company provides may be more appropriate to those with long term and deep credit problems than those who need a quick fix for a large purchase.