Advantage Credit Repair are based in Newport, New Hampshire. They work to improve their customer’s FICO scores by repairing their credit report and histories. This process includes filing disputes against items on a credit report and having harmful and inaccurate information removed so that it no longer counts against their client.


There isn’t a whole lot we can say about Advantage Credit Repair, as their site doesn’t offer much information at all and we didn’t get a response when we sent an email. They do provide dispute services, which are the most common and basic services that many for-profit credit repair companies provide. However we can’t verify what kinds of dispute strategies they use or if they rely on form letters or customize their complaints based on the individual client.

Advantage does offer credit monitoring services for their customers so they can ensure that the negative items have been deleted and that no new negative or inaccurate items are added to their credit history. This can help customers stay out of credit trouble or catch problems before they become a big deal, and can be a decent value for those interested in credit repair services.


Advantage Credit Repair doesn’t offer any information about their pricing or different levels of service, which makes us hesitate to recommend them. We like to see companies being upfront about how much their services will cost, as it tends to keep businesses honest and work out better for customers. If you’re interested in Advantage Credit Repair, then you’ll have to call or reach out to them to get more pricing information.


Advantage Credit Repair are a middle of the road, standard credit repair company. They offer some attractive and helpful services, but you can get those same services from nearly any credit repair company, so it’s hard to say if there’s any particular advantage to using them.