All American Credit Repair is a credit repair company based in and serving Florida. They have multiple locations around the state, but are focused on helping local customers, which will limit their wider appeal and helps keep them out of our list of the best credit repair companies.


The first advantage they have is they help consumers figure out what to dispute on their credit report, including inaccurate or false information which may include things like late or missed payments, liens, bankruptcies, judgements, and more. This lets consumers raise their credit score by removing false information, helping them qualify for better rates on loans and credit applications.

All American Credit Repair also gained points in our review because they received good marks for customer service. Many of the best credit repair companies we reviewed showcased solid customer service, which is important because the credit, credit reporting, and credit repair processes can be so confusing.

Unfortunately, the pros stop here, there’s hardly any real information on All American Credit Repair’s website, which means that customers will have to go to a location to get more information and to get a better idea of the services that the company offers. This makes it hard for us to do an apples-to-apples comparison to other credit repair firms and keeps them lower in our review than they otherwise might be.


All American Credit Repair does have some issues however, the first being that their website is poorly put together. Information is hidden in random locations, or not available at all. The result is wasted time while consumers look for the information they need to help them make decisions. Moreover, our research shows that credit repair firms with better put-together websites frequently perform better on customer evaluations, both in terms of satisfaction and service.

All American Credit Repair also lost some points in our review because they lack a detailed list of the different services that they offer consumers to fix their credit. As a result customers may find themselves sitting through a meeting or a phone call to find out that the company can’t offer them something that the consumer hasn’t already tried. This can be frustrating for consumers. Moreover, because there are so many different approaches to credit repair, knowing the process and services the company offers helps consumers determine how good of a fit it is for them.

All American Credit Repair loses points because they focus their efforts into getting customers to sign up for a free consultation, this gives us pause as it is a classic sales tactic, as customers are more likely to sign up for a service they are already talking to. Free consultations can be good, but focusing on them is a bit of a red flag for us.


All American Credit Repair might be a good option for Florida customers who want a local credit repair service, but they don’t serve customers outside out Florida, and they don’t have the information about pricing, programs, or consumer education that we want to see from the best credit repair companies.