American Credit Restoration treats each customer as a unique case, and decries the strategy of sending lost of form letters to credit reporting agencies. They claim that by treating everyone as a special case they are able to increase their success rate.


The first advantage they have is they have a process to help get rid of negative or harmful information on consumer’s credit reports. This gives their FICO score an immediate boost, and helps them get better options on loans and credit. The company will dispute information on the credit report. The law means that the burden falls on the credit reporting agency to say that the information is 100% accurate. If the credit reporting firm can’t prove the item or items are 100% accurate, then they have to remove it from the report.


They do have some issues however, the first being that they don’t have much consumer information or education. Our research indicates that this generally results in lower customer satisfaction scores, as customers aren’t sure how they can help with the process, and thus miss valuable dispute and goodwill opportunities. The result can impact the company’s services, and consumers might find themselves in credit trouble again because they don’t know what practices are helping or hurting their score. As a result, this costs them some points in our review.

They also lost some points in our review because they also fail to give consumers information about the prices and different levels of service they offer. The result of this oversight is that consumers have to call to get more information, which takes up valuable time and opens consumers up to other marketing tactics so they might not be able to fairly evaluate if they’re getting the best deal or not.


American Credit Restoration are a middle of the road option when it comes to credit repair companies. Their individualized process may be helpful to some consumers, but it’s hard to tell if it’s worth the money without more pricing information.