Andorra Credit Repair is a credit repair service based in Scottsdale, Arizona. They started in 2004 and offer a mix of credit repair and credit building services for their customers. They use an advanced fee model for their credit repair services.


Andorra Credit Repair has some excellent information regarding the way that credit works as well as how credit reporting operates, what different aspects of a credit report are, as well as how to spot fraudulent or mistaken issues on different credit reports. In addition to providing credit repair services, Andorra Credit Repair also has a host of different educational programs to help consumers understand how different actions can affect credit and useful advice about how to keep building credit once your reports have been repaired. They have a particularly useful FAQ section that goes over the different myths that surround credit reporting. This is a great section for consumers who have recently experienced a potentially credit altering even and want to know if the rumors they’ve heard about credit reporting are true.


Andorra Credit Repair does have some issues to be addressed. While they provide lots of great information on the credit repair process and credit reporting, they have some problems with their pricing. Consumers will pay $295 for an initial consultation and evaluation, as well as for startup fees for the program. After this consultation, consumers will be enrolled in a 6 month credit repair service at the cost of $125 per month. This is higher than many other services and also may not be good value for money if you only have a few things that you need removed from your credit report. Moreover, many consumers complained that they were not able to get out of this six month commitment, even if their credit report had already been adjusted to their satisfaction, and thus were stuck paying the monthly fee for a service they no longer had any use for. This is a good reason to be wary of Andorra Credit Repair, and speaks volumes about why we prefer companies that offer a results-based payment model, as this advanced payment format can leave customers paying without receiving any benefits for their hard-earned dollars.


Andorra Credit Repair is a good choice for certain customers. If you have a lot of things on your credit report that need resolved then you might come out ahead with their pricing, but the lack of cancelation and high fees mean you might look elsewhere.