Angle Financial and Business Services is a credit repair and debt consolidation firm that offers a wide array of services for customers. They offer month-to-month contracts and work with businesses as well as consumers, which means they have a wide array of experience when working with credit reporting agencies and creditors.


The first positive aspect of the company we found was that they file disputes with credit reporting agencies to challenge negative and inaccurate information found in credit reports. This information can severely impact a consumer’s credit score, resulting in higher interest rates for loans, or possibly getting denied for loans altogether. These disputes are one of the most common strategies for resolving credit report issues.

Angle Financial and Business Services also impressed us in that they have many useful consumer education resources available. This is a big plus for us because our research indicates that companies who offer more consumer education are more likely to help their customers not only get rid of their current credit issues, but also avoid actions which can lead to credit issues in the future. This higher level of customer service and customer satisfaction earns the company some serious points.

Lastly, they offer and additional service to their customers, help dealing with collections agencies. This can be a boon to those with serious debt problems. Moreover, they will give consumers the information they need to challenge any collectors that are operating outside of the guidelines the law allows. This consumer service indicates that the company is in business to help its customers, and gets the extra points in our review.


Angle Financial and Business Services does have some downsides, for example, their fees and rates for services aren’t described on their website, which means that customers will have to set up an appointment or call in to get more information. We don’t like this sales tactic, as customers are more likely to sign up with a service once they’ve shared information, so we view this as a negative when it comes to credit repair services.

Angle Financial and Business Services also lost some points in our review because they only help with disputes, and don’t provide consumer education or advice to help them keep improving their credit score once they are done with the company’s services. Our research indicates that this makes customers more likely to engage in the same practices that lead them to need credit repair in the first place.

Angle Financial and Business Services can also improve in that they use a monthly fee model instead of a pay-per-deletion model. We don’t like this model as much because it means that the consumer is paying the credit repair firm to wait for a response from the reporting agency. Neither the consumer nor the credit repair company has control over how long the credit reporting agency takes to respond to a dispute or verification request, and so the cost for credit repair services can become higher than it should be with the monthly fee model.


Angle Financial and Business Services is a good choice for credit repair options. They work with creditors and credit reporting agencies to remove negative information from your credit report while providing consumer education and information to help consumers stay out of credit trouble once they’re finished.