Apprisen is a non-profit credit repair services organization that provides education and counseling services to people having a hard time managing their debt. They offer a number of different programs, and have lots of helpful tools available on their website for consumers to take advantage of.


The first good thing about Apprisen is that they have some of the lowest fees out of the companies we’ve looked at. The most someone will pay is a $45 startup fee and a $45 monthly fee, but each customer will be different, and many customers can get help for less than that. This sets Apprisen up to have excellent value for money.

Apprisen also gets points for the huge number of programs they offer, each one designed to help people in different credit situations. They offer financial wellness, housing counseling, bankruptcy counseling, and more. This means they can help people in a number of different situations, and that their employees have the knowledge and experience needed to provide quality advice to their clients.

Finally, Apprisen has one of the most helpful sites we’ve looked at for credit repair companies. They have some of the best online tools we saw, including financial wellness calculators, home financing, personal finance, investment, and retirement calculators. They also have financial worksheets, resources for budgeting, and more. All of this helps them stand above many of the credit repair services we’ve looked at.


However, they aren’t perfect. Apprisen doesn’t offer dispute options for their clients, which means if you’re the victim of identity theft then you should probably look elsewhere for help.


Apprisen Apprisen is a good resource for many different types of consumers. The company offers a wide variety of programs, combined with some of the lowest fees that we’ve seen. This makes them good value for money, and they should be an early stop on your credit repair search.