Attorney Credit Repair Services have only been providing credit repair and debt harassment protection since 2010, but the company is a subsidiary of a law firm. That law firm began the credit repair service in house for their clients initially.  The volume of business was so great that the firm decided to create a separate business for credit repair and debt harassment. This credit repair business has a huge advantage of being backed by the parent company’s law firm.

What are Attorney Credit Repair Basic Services?

The service offered includes reviewing your credit reports from all three major credit reporting firms. They initially try to negotiate the removal of items from your reports by researching their efficacy. Once all specious charges and claims are removed they will begin the process of negotiating with credit bureaus to get the remaining items removed from your report and score. In the event that the bureaus request more information, the business supplies that supplemental information and responds to all inquiries. In the event that any bureau still refuses to remove items the law firm will step in and provide a free consultation with you as part of the credit repair service they provide. If you decide to take legal action against any of the bureaus or collection agencies or creditors, the law firm will enter into a contingency fee contract with you.  You owe them nothing unless they collect money for you in that process. If the attorneys recover money for you the fee contract entitles them to a percentage of that recovery.

Choosing Attorney Credit Repair as Your Service Provider

The company’s website leaves a great deal to be desired. There is zero discussion of the cost of retaining their services. The site is repetitive and at the same time lacks valuable information needed to decide whether to pursue their service. However the free consultation can take place on the phone and the only way to know the details of the cost of their service is to go through the consultation. Preparing a good list of questions to ask is a great way to make that call meaningful.