AZ Score Restore is a credit repair company based in Mesa, AZ.. They focus on using disputes to help customers remove negative and inaccurate information from their credit reports, helping their scores go up. They opened for business in 2010.


The first positive aspect of the company we found was that they help consumers figure out what to dispute on their credit report, including inaccurate or false information which may include things like late or missed payments, liens, bankruptcies, judgements, and more. This lets consumers raise their credit score by removing false information, helping them qualify for better rates on loans and credit applications.

AZ Score Restore has the additional benefit of they offer lots of helpful information for consumers regarding credit, credit repair, credit reporting, good credit practices, and more. Our research indicates that companies with more consumer information generally do a better job at helping consumers stay out of credit trouble. Moreover, a greater focus on consumer indication generally means that the company is at least as interested in helping the consumer as they are in making a profit, and important aspect for credit repair companies.

The final pro we’d like to highlight is that they have the added benefit of offering debt collection assistance. They can get creditors and collectors to stop calling so that the consumer has the time and energy they need to fix their credit situation. Moreover, consumers may be entitled to monetary awards if the creditor or debt collector is trying to collect in a way that runs contrary to the legal regulations and guidelines that cover collections.


AZ Score Restore does have some downsides, for example, their fees and rates for services aren’t described on their website, which means that customers will have to set up an appointment or call in to get more information. We don’t like this sales tactic, as customers are more likely to sign up with a service once they’ve shared information, so we view this as a negative when it comes to credit repair services.

AZ Score Restore has another problem, namely that their website is outdated and lacks the ease of use that we expect from a modern, professional company. In the modern age web development has design has never been easier, so there’s no excuse for a poorly thought out or organized website. As a result, the poor quality of the website raises important questions as to the company’s dedication to their customers and the professionalism of their services.

AZ Score Restore loses points because they only help with disputes, and don’t provide consumer education or advice to help them keep improving their credit score once they are done with the company’s services. Our research indicates that this makes customers more likely to engage in the same practices that lead them to need credit repair in the first place.


AZ Score Restore isn’t the best company to go to for credit repair. The complete lack of rate information undermines the wealth of consumer knowledge they offer on their site. Moreover, the fact that the information is poorly laid out and hard to find means that they aren’t one of the best credit repair firms we’ve reviewed.