Back On Track Credit Repair is based in Cadillac, Michigan. They provide many different services for people who are facing issues with credit and debt. These services can help consumers boost their FICO scores, make a budget that works for them, and stop collections calls.


The first advantage they have is they offer debt collections help in addition to credit repair. This can be a huge relief to consumers being hounded by collections agencies, and getting collections agencies to back off can give consumers the time they need to get their affairs in order. Moreover, some consumers may be entitled to legal recourse depending on how the collections agencies are attempting to get paid, and that information can be extremely valuable to troubled consumers.

They also have the additional benefit of they have a process to help get rid of negative or harmful information on consumer’s credit reports. This gives their FICO score an immediate boost, and helps them get better options on loans and credit. The company will dispute information on the credit report. The law means that the burden falls on the credit reporting agency to say that the information is 100% accurate. If the credit reporting firm can’t prove the item or items are 100% accurate, then they have to remove it from the report.

Finally, they also help negotiate settlements with your creditors. This can reduce the amount you owe and change your payment status from delinquent to paying as agreed. The result can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars saved and a boost to your FICO score. This service isn’t offered by every credit repair company and helps Back on Track stand apart.


They do have some issues however, the first being that their website is outdated and lacks the ease of use that we expect from a modern, professional company. In the modern age web development has design has never been easier, so there’s no excuse for a poorly thought out or organized website. As a result, the poor quality of the website raises important questions as to the company’s dedication to their customers and the professionalism of their services.


Back On Track Credit Repair are a solid option for Michigan residents who are looking for multiple different services from a credit repair company. They have the flexibility to help consumers in many different situations, and, despite the outdated website, can offer great value to many consumers.