BCR Consulting is a credit repair service that has operated since 2012. They are based in Aurora, Colorado. They offer a number of different credit repair services to assist customers in deleting inaccurate or negative information from their credit reports, including information relating to late or missing payments, tax liens, or issues resulting from identity theft.


BCR Consulting has a tab on their page for DIY credit repair. This tab contains a number of resources for consumers to find out what they can do in order to take steps to improve their credit. This stands in stark contrast to many other companies we reviewed that don’t concede that everything a credit repair service does is something that an individual can do for themselves. The links include a few different credit repair forums where users can share information and advice, as well as links to different laws and regulations governing credit, collections, credit repair, and credit reporting.

Another great thing about BCR Consulting is their pricing. They charge a $39 startup fee, and then $35 per item deleted. There’s no monthly service fee or any other fees. They say the startup fee is only there to show that a customer is serious about working with them, and the rate is low enough that we believe that claim. Their rate of $35 per deletion is also one of the lowest that we could find, as most companies charge different rates based on what type of item is being deleted.

BCR Also has a number of helpful links for consumers on their main page, include a link that describes the different credit repair services and a services overview that tells consumers what the process will be and what information BCR consulting needs the consumer to have to get the process going and make it successful. This makes the process, service, and pricing incredibly transparent.


BCR is not perfect, however. Some of the links on their DIY credit repair page lead to 404 pages, and their website is laid out in a somewhat abrasive and confusing manner. Some links launch new tabs or windows, while others don’t, and the font type and size make it difficult to read. On the whole, however, this is not a major problem.


BCR Consulting is a great place to go for credit repair services. They have a track record of success, an A+ rating with the BBB, helpful consumer information, low, transparent prices, and a clear explanation of their services.