Best Credit is based in the state of Louisiana, and has been in business since 2005. They offer a number of services to help consumers improve their credit situation, and also hold a number of events to help the community at large.


The first advantage they have is they have a great number of different services on offer for consumers. These include credit and debt consulting, credit repair services, bankruptcy services, collection agency protect, student loan consulting, and home loan consulting. This means that they can help a great many people in different situations with a program that’s targeted at their specific needs.

They also gained points in our review because they use disputes to help consumers remove information from their credit report that is bringing their score down. Disputes are one of the most common credit repair tools, and one of the most effective. If the reporting agency can’t prove that the item is 100% true, then it must be deleted. As a result, this is a powerful option for many consumers to get rid of harmful and damaging statements on their credit reports.

Finally, Apprisen has one of the most helpful sites we’ve looked at for credit repair companies. they provide assistance dealing with collection agencies. Getting collections efforts to stop can almost be worth the price of credit repair services by itself, so the fact that it is coupled with services to boost consumers FICO scores means that it performs very well in our list of credit repair services consumers might consider.


They do have some issues however, the first being that they don’t have a clear description of their rates and fees on their website. This forces customers to reach out for more information, which is a sales tactic. The result is that consumers may lose valuable time in meetings or on the phone only to find out that they do not like or want the services the company has to offer. This lack of transparency also corresponds to lower customer satisfaction ratings and costs the company points in our review.


Best Credit can be a good choice for Louisiana consumers. They’ve been in business long enough to show they know what they’re doing, and offer a number of helpful services. If you live in Louisiana and are thinking about credit repair, give them a call.