BeyCa Credit Repair is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and they provide customers with dispute option to help them repair their credit history. Having a bad credit score or trouble on a credit report can hurt your ability to get good terms on loans and credit products, and may even prevent you from getting a new job, so making sure your credit is in good shape is important.


BeyCa can get rid of many different items on their clients credit report, including bankruptcy, foreclosures, late payments, excessive inquiries, judgements, public records, collections, reporting errors, repossessions, credit fraud, identity theft, and charge-offs. That means there’s very few situations where they won’t be able to help their customers or clients.

Moreover, BeyCa offers customized credit repair plans so you know they will handle each case as a unique situation. This generally gets better results than companies that use standardized form letters to petition credit reporting agencies for action. Moreover, treating each case as distinct allows the firm to find creative an coherent solutions that help their customers get their credit back on track.



However, one thing we’d like to see more of from BeyCa credit repair is pricing information so that their services can be given an apples-to-apples evaluation. Moreover, this would let us have a better idea regarding the true value of their services, and instills a greater sense of confidence that the company is on the up and up. Lack of this sort of information is essentially the industry standard, so it’s not unusual, but it does prevent us from putting BeyCa in our list of highly recommended credit repair firms.


BeyCa Credit Repair are an average option for credit repair services. They provide a bit more than the basics, but don’t have anything special that sets them apart from the vast majority of credit repair companies. If you live near them, they might be worth checking out.