Blue Water Credit is a credit repair service that opened in 2008. They are based in Roseville, CA, and offer consumers a number of services to help them remove negative information from their credit reports, they use the standard dispute process to help individuals boost their credit score by removing negative information


Blue Water Credit has a number of positive testimonials and reviews available online. Customers seem to be generally pleased with the results that they got from Blue Water Credit. The company also has an A+ rating from the BBB and doesn’t have any complaints filed with that organization, which is a rarity in the credit repair industry. Blue Water Credit has some excellent consumer information available on their site, including a free ebook as well as resources describing consumer rights, what makes up a credit score and how different aspects can affect the score, and information regarding intelligent credit practices that consumers can take advantage of. Our research indicates that companies that provide free consumer education tools have a higher customer service and customer satisfaction rating overall.


There is a major issue that we have with Blue Water Credit. The company doesn’t have any information about pricing on their website. As a result it is difficult to recommend them to our readers, though we would like to do so. However we cannot accurately evaluate the value-to-money that Blue Water Credit offers, nor can we review their terms for abuses restrictions or limitations on their service. We don’t know if they use an advance fee or pay-per-deletion payment model, and that makes it difficult for us to evaluate them as well, as we generally feel that an advanced fee payment system is not as good as paying when an item is successfully removed. The pay-per-deletion model ensures that customers are only paying for the results that the credit repair service gets, rather than paying a monthly fee while a credit repair service does nothing for yo for months while you wait on the response to any disputes that you may have filed.


Blue Water Credit comes close to being in our top credit repair services, they have glowing reviews and seem to provide good value for money, but without a transparent, up front pricing system it is hard for us to recommend them for the majority of our readers. Consider Blue Water, but don’t be afraid to shop around.