Choosing a credit repair service requires an initial understanding of your credit goals. If the reason you are seeking credit repair is to clean your reports to apply for a large loan or to make a large purchase, tailoring your choice of company to your end goal can be very useful. For example, Cake Credit Repair Service specializes in mortgages and credit repair. Their staff is particularly attuned to the mortgage requirements you will have to meet and can help tailor your recovery plan to that goal. Their expertise in the standards for acquiring a mortgage at the best rate can be very helpful in shaping the type of recovery plan you create and the goals you set for achieving a higher credit score.

Credit Repair and the Process of Strategic Planning

The Cake Credit Repair service is a monthly fee oriented system. They are very upfront about the cost of their service, which is not common, but the fact that you could be waiting for bureaucracies to react can mean you are paying them to wait for information or judgements. During your initial consultation they will help you create a plan that is based on a time frame. The service offered includes reviewing your credit reports from all three major credit reporting firms. They initially try to negotiate the removal of items from your reports by researching their efficacy. Once all specious charges and claims are removed they will begin the process of negotiating with credit bureaus to get the remaining items removed from your report and score.

The Service Should Fit Your Needs and Pocketbook

Although they are not a law firm, the Cake Credit Repair Service recognizes that credit repair is a legal process and that creditors are bound by the law. They claim to act in accordance with the legal framework and use it to remove items from your report.  In the event that the bureaus request more information, the business supplies that supplemental information and responds to all inquiries. You can cancel your service at any time. If you prepare right, they could be the service you need.