The most important quality about the Certified Credit Experts, according to their own website, is that they only charge your for items removed from your credit report. They have a very explicit scale and attach a price to every kind of item they remove. This allows the customer to  UPFRONT how much they can invest to use their service. This is unusual and I have yet to see such a breakdown for types of items removed. Although the scale is a few pages in on their website, their claim that there are NO upfront fees and NO monthly fees.

Choosing a Law Firm Based Service Provider

Certified Credit Experts is a division of the Addleman Law Firm and constitutes a separate business for credit repair and debt harassment. This credit repair business has a huge advantage of being backed by the parent company’s law firm and they are willing to engage in resolving your credit issues directly with your creditors if that becomes necessary. Furthermore, their legal background and grasp of the law’s requirements on creditors and credit reporting agencies should increase their chances of having “spurious” items removed.

What are Certified Credit Experts Basic Services?

The service offered includes reviewing your credit reports from all three major credit reporting firms. They initially try to negotiate the removal of items from your reports by researching their efficacy. Once all specious charges and claims are removed they will begin the process of negotiating with credit bureaus to get the remaining items removed from your report and score. In the event that the bureaus request more information, the business supplies that supplemental information and responds to all inquiries. In the event that any bureau still refuses to remove items the law firm will step in and provide a free consultation with you as part of the credit repair service they provide. If you decide to take legal action against any of the bureaus or collection agencies or creditors, the lawyers will do so for you.