This service starts with a nonrefundable fee of $100.00 to pull your reports and create a plan to remove items from your reports. Many credit repair companies only communicate with the credit bureaus – Clean Up Credit Repair will actually go after the creditors themselves and the collection agencies they have hired, as well as the major three credit reporting agencies. The cost per negative item removed from your credit reports is how they calculate their fees. Clean Up Credit Repair provides a very detailed plan of attack after analyzing your credit reports. The company’s fee structure rewards them for removal, so the fact that they are prepared to go all the way to the creditor makes their chance of achieving item removal that much higher.

Fee Structures and Getting Results

Because their fee structure is based on removed items rather than a monthly fee, Clean Up Credit Repair is motivated to get results rather than stretch the process out. They make some very clear predictions about the amount of time it will take to reach removal of items. The company claims that once the “dispute process” begins it will take 30 days to see results and approximately 6 months to see item removal. However, it does seem that a dispute process at one level (with the credit report bureaus) could call for subsequent dispute processes to be started over the same item (for example, with the creditor).

Level of Service and Process of Casework

The service benefits with Clean Up Credit Repair seem pretty good as well. Each customer is assigned to a Credit Specialist and communication about your case is always with that person, rather than through websites or a changing crew of employees. They describe the initial consultation as “free,” but there is nonrefundable fee for a detailed description of their plan for your specific credit needs.