Clean Slate Credit is a credit repair service that was founded in 2010. They are relatively under-reviewed and so the information we had access to might not express their actual services. Further complicating this review was the fact that there was another company called Clean Slate Credit that went out of business, so some reviews might pertain to the old company and not the current one. As a result, most of what we will base our review on will be information provided by Clean Slate Credit themselves.


One thing that Clean Slate Credit has going for themselves is pricing transparency. The fees and charges are listed and clearly explained. They get paid for results and they’ll tell you how much each type of information will cost to remove from a credit report. This means that consumers who already know what information is on their credit report will be able to determine the maximum cost of Clean Slate Credit’s services. This is a rarity in the credit repair industry, and speaks well for Clean Slate Credit. Additionally, if Clean Slate has not been able to remove any information from your credit report in 90 days than you will get a full refund.

Clean Slate Credit has a clear and detailed explanation of their process, which will let consumers know what they should expect and how exactly Clean Slate Credit will help them. The process includes an initial consultation, a credit audit, a build and establish process to help consumers find the credit solutions that are best for them, a review of potential violations by collectors hired to collect from the client, and a program completion step that sets consumers up with offers from companies for things like mortgages, business loans, bank accounts, and more.


While they offer a number of services, Clean Slate’s fees are a bit higher than some of the other companies we looked into for credit repair services. Moreover, there is some confusing information, they claim not to collect fees unless something is removed, but if that is they case, then there shouldn’t be any need for a refund policy. This contradiction is not resolved by information from their website, and is something that anyone considering their services should seek clarification on.


Clean Slate seems to be a decent choice for credit repair services. They have reasonably clear pricing as well as a detailed process for fixing consumer’s credit.