Coastal Credit Repair is a Las Vegas based credit repair company. It’s hard to say exactly what they do or why you should trust them, with quotes on their website like “Our experts tend to be 100% legal credit score restoration professionals that are FICO certified” which make no sense and contradict themselves.


The only good thing we have to say about Coastal Credit Repair is that they have some decent resources for consumers on their site. These include explanations of how credit, credit scores, credit reporting and debt work. Additionally, they have some basic consumer information on different rights that consumers have relative to the laws regarding credit, credit reporting, and debt. However, their site doesn’t offer much else that we can find a positive in.


The biggest issue is that Coastal Credit Repair doesn’t given any actual information about what they do. There’s no indication regarding disputes, verification, debt settlement, good-will letters, or anything. There are plenty of claims about how important credit is, and that’s true, but that doesn’t explain what they’re going to do for their customers. Moreover, the site itself is full of sentences that don’t make sense, make contradictory claims, or repeat information previously stated. This gives the company a strongly unprofessional feel and discourages us off the bat.

Additionally, there’s no information on their site about pricing or different service levels or options. We don’t know if they use a monthly payment schedule, a pay per deletion model, or if there are any startup fees. This makes it hard to evaluate them at all, and when combined with the other problems they have, make us very hesitant to recommend them.


Coastal Credit Repair isn’t a company that we can recommend for credit repair services. Nothing about them says they are the kind of dedicated professionals that you should trust with your credit and financial situation. Consumers are advised to look elsewhere for credit repair services.