Commonwealth Credit Repair focuses on using disputes to help clients remove negative and inaccurate information from their credit reports. They have a favorable fee model, and fair prices for their services, making them a good option for many customers.


The first advantage they have is their rates and fees are clearly explained on their website. This saves customers time shopping for credit repair services, and lets them understand the sort of commitment they will be making without having to sit through a consultation that is really just a sales pitch. This is preferable to companies that want you to call or come in to get rates because that is a sales tactic, as customers are more likely to sign up for a service if they make personal contact or give their information to a company.

They also gained points in our review because their pricing model is based on payment-per-deletion. We prefer this model of pricing for credit repair because it means that consumers only pay for the tangible benefits they get from the credit repair service. Once disputes have been filed the credit reporting agency can take its time in responding, and monthly fee pricing models leave the consumer paying the credit repair service to wait for information back. Moreover, the consumer can find themselves paying even though no or few items are removed from their report, costing valuable money and time.

Lastly, they have one of the most competitive fee structures out there. There is an $89 set up fee, and then they charge per item deleted. Smaller items will cost $45 per deletion, and larger items, like foreclosures and judgements, will cost $75 per deletion. This is very reasonable and makes them a company we can recommend.


The company isn’t perfect. The first issue we have is they only offer dispute services, and don’t have the same kind of consumer education that we expect from the best credit repair services. Our research indicates that customers who only get help with disputes and no assistance or education on the credit process are more likely to suffer from the same problems that lead them to need credit repair services in the first place


Commonwealth Credit Repair is a good choice for many different consumers. They use our preferred fee model and their charges are very reasonable. You should consider them if you’re thinking about seeking credit repair options.