Consumer Credit Counseling Service offers a number of different services for their clients to help them get a better handle on their debts and credit situation. They have a number of different programs that let them adapt their services to a particular individual’s needs when it comes to credit repair.


The first advantage they have is they have a number of different programs to help people. These programs include credit counseling, debt management, bankruptcy, housing, student loans, and general financial information programs. As a result there are very few, if any, debt scenarios that they aren’t equipped to handle.

Another interesting fact that Consumer Credit Counseling Service has going for it is that they offer consolidation options to help get your debt isolated into one easy to understand and make payment. This is a service that many other credit repair companies don’t offer and gives them a leg up in our reviews. Consolidation loans let consumers get a better understanding of their debt and makes it easier to make payments.

Finally, they have a clear list of the different credit repair services they offer. This is helpful for consumers because they can make sure the company can assist them without wasting valuable time in a meeting or on the phone to get a list of services. Moreover, a clear services list lets consumers be confident that they are getting the best value from the credit repair services because it makes for easy comparisons to other companies in their area.


The company isn’t perfect. The first issue we have is they don’t really offer information that describes their pricing or payment model. This can make it harder for consumers to plan a budget and get their payments and debts under control. In other words, it makes the credit repair process more difficult than it has to be, and costs them some points in our evaluations.


Consumer Credit Counseling Service are an extremely flexible option for people who are trying to get out of debt and boost their credit scores. The different programs and options make it easy for consumers to understand what they’re getting into, and they provide many different ways for their clients to improve their situations.