Consumer Credit Restoration Bureau has a few different measures they take to help their clients with debt and credit problems. They challenge information on credit reports that’s harmful and inaccurate, while working with clients to set up a budget and take other steps to improve their financial standing.


The fact that CCRB has a program designed to help individuals manage their finances better in addition to taking steps to improve their credit score now is a plus for them. Companies that only offer dispute services tend to have more repeat customers, and that’s a bad thing in this industry.

They also gained points in our review because they have a process to help get rid of negative or harmful information on consumer’s credit reports. This gives their FICO score an immediate boost, and helps them get better options on loans and credit. The company will dispute information on the credit report. The law means that the burden falls on the credit reporting agency to say that the information is 100% accurate. If the credit reporting firm can’t prove the item or items are 100% accurate, then they have to remove it from the report.


The company isn’t perfect. The first issue we have is they don’t really offer information that describes their pricing or payment model. This can make it harder for consumers to plan a budget and get their payments and debts under control. In other words, it makes the credit repair process more difficult than it has to be, and costs them some points in our evaluations.


Consumer Credit Restoration Bureau is a good option for some consumers. They help with budgeting and financial planning as well as challenging information on credit reports, which make them a valuable educational resource for those who are confused or intimidated by the credit and credit reporting process.