Continental Credit Online is a credit repair service that operates entirely remotely. This means they are able to help customers from across the country to fix their credit scores and credit histories. They offer personalized service, and draw a distinction between their services and the automated services that other credit repair firms offer.


The first positive aspect of the company we found was that they have personalized service. This stands in stark contrast to many of the firms we looked at which use form letters and other tactics to try and help customers. This personal touch gives us faith that the company is dedicated to helping the consumers they work with, and at the same time shows that they are focused on consumers rather than on making money.

Continental Credit Online also impressed us in that they have solid consumer information regarding credit, credit services, the credit reporting process, and more. This gives them a boost because our research shows that companies that put more effort into consumer information and education generally have better marks when it comes to customer service and customer satisfaction. Moreover, consumer education shows a greater focus on helping the consumer with their financial situation, and less like the credit repair company views itself as merely another business.

The final pro we’d like to highlight is that they provide a detailed list of all the different ways they can help repair a consumer’s credit. This lets consumers understand what to expect when comparing their services, and can protect them from using a company that will only attempt tactics that the consumer has already tried themselves. As a result, detailed services lists get extra points in our rankings for credit service companies.


Continental Credit Online does have some downsides, for example, their fees and rates for services aren’t described on their website, which means that customers will have to set up an appointment or call in to get more information. We don’t like this sales tactic, as customers are more likely to sign up with a service once they’ve shared information, so we view this as a negative when it comes to credit repair services.

Continental Credit Online has another problem, namely that they don’t offer debt collection services, which can be nice for many consumers who are looking for credit repair services. This isn’t absolutely necessary, but it is something we see from the best credit repair services.

Continental Credit Online can also improve in that they don’t provide customers with proof of past successes in the form of case studies or before-and-after credit reports from actual clients. This makes it difficult to evaluate how successful the company has been, and also makes it difficult for customers to determine if the firm has the experience needed to work with their specific circumstances


Continental Credit Online is a good choice for many consumers, especially those that live in rural areas and may not be able to find or get to a credit repair firm that’s local. They also have some of the best consumer education that we could find, but their lack of transparency for pricing and the efforts to funnel potential clients into a consultation also give us pause.