CRE Credit Services is a credit repair services company operating out of Plano, TX. They have been in business since 2010 and have a troubled online reputation.


CRE Credit Services has a wealth of information available for consumers on their website. The information relates to educating consumers about credit, credit reporting, and credit repair. It is well organized and through. CRE Credit Services works with both private individuals as well as companies, which provides them a flexibility that isn’t often encountered in the credit repair industry. In addition to this information and their credit repair services, they also help consumers find credit cards so that they can build credit after dealing with issues on their credit report. This additionally service will appeal to consumers who don’t know what sort of steps to take after working on their credit report and getting their score up.


There are a number of issues we had with CRE Credit Services. They had more complaints with the BBB than almost any other company their size that we looked at for these reviews. The complaints ran the gambit from billing issues to failure to deliver results that were promised to customers. Others stated that they couldn’t be sure that CRE Credit Services had actually done any work on their account.

CRE’s website is also an issue. While it’s possible it was being updated or repaired when we visited, the landing page shows as plain white with a single column of links that go to better-formatted sub-pages. Their blog hasn’t been updated since 2014, and they don’t seem to have any information relating to their pricing. This lack of pricing transparency also complicates our ability to recommend them, as we can’t be sure what their services cost and so can’t help customers decide if what they get will be worth what they pay. The result is that CRE Credit services remains a mystery in terms of their value to the consumer.

Moreover, a large portion of their website is dedicated to what they refer to as “credit restoration” but this information seems to be guiding their customers to take out credit cards that may or may not be helpful in their situation, and reeks of an affiliate marketing deal.


Look elsewhere for credit repair services. CRE can’t demonstrate they are professional enough to have a functional website, much less provide clear pricing information or that they are working in the consumer’s best interest.