The CRE Credit Services do charge their clients monthly, but stop charging after 6 months of payments. They are “experts” and have a pretty aggressive strategy for removing items from your credit report.. They are very upfront about the cost of their service, which is not common, but the fact that you could be waiting for bureaucracies to react and there is no guarantee of how long some of the more complicated report items might take to remove.

An Aggressive Attack

One of CRE’s distinguishing features is that they will write non-form letters to the credit agencies, collection agencies and creditors to try to get negative credit items removed from your credit report. During your initial consultation they will help you create a plan that is based on a time frame. The service offered includes reviewing your credit reports from all three major credit reporting firms. The next step is to try to negotiate the removal of items from your reports by researching their efficacy. Once all specious charges and claims are removed they will begin the process of negotiating/submitting dispute letters with credit bureaus to get the remaining items removed from your report and score.

Range of Removal Items and Services

This company has been selling their credit repair services for twenty-five years. That is somewhat reassuring since they have had a consistent clientele. Their referral service to farm out cases to lawyers when they are beyond their reach is also reassuring, since ultimately credit repair is done from a legal framework. CRE’s long term relationships with the credit reporting agencies, collection agencies and creditors will probably serve their clients well during negotiations. Years of experience also usually mean that the company is better at predicting the time frame for credit repair processes, as well as the outcomes. The list of removable items on the website is totally respectable – they remove easy mistakes as well as difficult and legitimate items.