Credit 1 is a credit repair service that has been in operation since 2007. They are based in Huntsville, AL, and offer a number of different credit repair services, including tracking, updating credit reports, collection harassment analysis, and more.


Credit 1 offers more services than most of the other credit repair services we reviewed. One thing that might be particularly interesting for some customers is their collection harassment analysis, which can help customers determine if the collection methods they have been subjected to fall within those allowed by federal, state, and local laws. Their online customer service is some of the best that we’ve looked at, including a 24/7 customer access portal online.

Credit 1 directly states that they will operate within all laws that govern credit repair services, and will work to help consumers understand their rights in order to protect their money and reputation. They use one-on-one counseling to help customers understand what is on their credit report, why it is there, what the implications of the information are, and how they can help consumers with their credit report. They also claim to follow up on dispute reports, which are routinely turned down by the major credit reporting agencies.


Credit 1 isn’t without its flaws. The first and biggest issue is a lack of pricing transparency. There isn’t any information on their websites regarding how much their services cost, or if customers must pay in advance or pay for results. Moreover, while they state that they will follow all laws, there is little else to describe the processes that Credit 1 will use to help fix your credit. They provide customers with the ability to order credit reports, which is something they can do by themselves without Credit 1’s help, so that’s not really a useful service. Moreover, there’s no information regarding the timeframe that it will take Credit 1 to remove negative information from your reports. They claim a 100% money back policy if the customer isn’t happy with their services, but there is no description about the limitations or nature of this policy, which makes it difficult to evaluate, especially in the context of a lack of clear pricing information for customers to evaluate.


Credit 1 has a decent track record and some good reviews, but customers should be wary. They do give you 3 days to review the contract and cancel before service starts, so customers should take advantage of that grace period before agreeing.