Credit Absolute is a credit repair service company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. They opened in 2012 and offer a number of different credit repair services to customers, including credit report disputes, credit behavior education, and credit building services.


Credit Absolute has some of the best pricing transparency out of the companies we looked at. They clearly state a startup fee, as well as a per item success fee for items removed from credit reports. The website does a good job of explaining what is and is not a success, and it is clear that the success fees will be charged per item per report. This means that if a consumer knows what is on their various credit reports they will be able to predict the maximum price for Credit Absolute’s services.

Additionally, while startup fees are a bit steep, they do come with life time membership, which will give consumers the chance to get the whole value and more out of their fee. This stands in stark contrast to other credit repair services we looked at who charge monthly fees, or a renewable membership fee that consumers must pay every year.

Credit Absolute complies with federal, state, and local laws covering credit repair, and provides a good amount of information to help consumers understand those laws and what their rights are under them. Furthermore, they also provide information and services to ensure that any agency attempting to collect from the customer also complies with the relevant laws and regulations.


There is surprisingly little information regarding the process that Credit Absolute will use to repair your credit. This makes the process a bit arcane and obscure to customers, and may intimidate some customers from working with the company. Moreover, their FAQ section contains only general information on credit repair, and doesn’t go into the level of detail we would like to see regarding what their services are and how they work. They do have a blog, but most of those articles contain generic advice like don’t overspend on holiday presents, rather than providing more tangible consumer education and information. The blog articles also seem like they were only written to fill out that section of the website, and there’s no indication they are regularly maintained or updated.


Credit Absolute is a good choice for credit repair services, but their drawbacks keep them from ranking among the best credit repair companies we reviewed.