Credit Advisors is one of the oldest credit repair companies we reviewed. They’ve been in business since 1958, and that speaks well for their ability to get results for their customers. They provide credit counseling and education services to give consumers the tools they need to raise their FICO score and get rid of negative or inaccurate statements on their credit reports. This can help consumers get better offers on loans and financial products and services.


One of the best things they have going for them is that they have many useful consumer education resources available. This is a big plus for us because our research indicates that companies who offer more consumer education are more likely to help their customers not only get rid of their current credit issues, but also avoid actions which can lead to credit issues in the future. This higher level of customer service and customer satisfaction earns the company some serious points.


They do have some issues however, the first being that they don’t file disputes on behalf of customers. This is in stark contrast to most credit repair companies that focus on disputing negative and inaccurate information that can severely undermine a consumer’s credit score.

They also lost some points in our review because they also fail to give consumers information about the prices and different levels of service they offer. The result of this oversight is that consumers have to call to get more information, which takes up valuable time and opens consumers up to other marketing tactics so they might not be able to fairly evaluate if they’re getting the best deal or not.


Credit Advisors aren’t the best credit repair option for most people. They have some solid advice, but at the point that people are looking for credit repair, they usually want a firm that will handle the process for them and take up as little of their time as possible. If you’re interested in doing a DIY credit repair you should look into them, otherwise other firms will be better options.