The Credit Care Company offers a comprehensive program for building their client’s credit scores. In addition to the standard dispute process that most companies engage in, The Credit Care Company also uses product recommendations to help clients get their credit record back on track. This isn’t offered by every credit repair company and it helps The Credit Care Company stand out from the pack a bit.


The fact that The Credit Care Company offers additional products and advice on how to increase your credit score, instead of just filing disputes, makes them a bit different from most of the credit repair companies. These offers come in the form of secured credit cards and other products that you can use to show that you are worthy of better rates on credit and financing products than you are currently being offered. Moreover, these products last long after the program ends, so responsible clients will be able to keep boosting their credit score after they’ve stopped paying The Credit Care Company any money.

Additionally, The Credit Care Company has a very detailed explanation of their process. This means consumers will know exactly what steps they’ll be taking to improve their credit score, and will be able to research and ask informed questions about the process before they become an official client. This makes it easy to see the value that the company offers, and is a good sign for consumers.


One problem with The Credit Care Company is that they don’t have any information on pricing for their services. This is fairly standard in the industry, and isn’t a deal breaker by any means, but we like to see clear and understandable pricing information up front so that clients can make informed decisions about what credit repair service is best for them.


The Credit Care Company are a good option for consumers interested in products that keep their credit score growing after they are done with the company’s services.