Credit Diva is a credit repair service company based in Rogers, AR. They have been in business since 2003 and use an advanced-fee pricing model.  They work to remove or correct bankruptcies, charge offs, medical bills, late or missed payments, identity theft, foreclosures, inquiries, and negative information resulting from identity theft.


Credit Diva offers a free credit consultation where they will review your credit report and help explain the things that are on it. They will also proscribe a course of action that you can pay them to follow through on. They work with the three major credit agencies and are able to rectify a number of issues, including inaccurate or false information on credit reports. This can help consumers improve their credit score and get better offers on things like loans for a home or car and credit card rates.


There’s a lot of things to not like about Credit Diva. They haven’t provided the BBB with a description of their terms and services and have an unresolved complaint on that site. They also have a steep advance fee, $1000 to get started and a $99 monthly payment after that. This is higher than many other credit repair services charge. It is especially high in light of their standard contract, which offers a one year agreement. This means that customers will be on the hook for more than $2000, regardless of the quality of the service they get from Credit Diva or what Credit Diva does to help them.

Another issue with Credit Diva is the lack of information on their website. We couldn’t find anything related to their expected timeframe, nor did they have any information about their services beyond the sales description. A lack of transparency is equated to lower customer service and satisfaction based on the research we did for these reviews. There is also no information regarding additional fees or charges that might be incurred, like a cancelation fee or other service fees for standard business actions. There is also a lack of information regarding the steps that Credit Diva will take when helping you repair your credit and challenging false or inaccurate information on your credit reports. This lack of transparency prevents us from recommending them as one of the best credit repair companies.


You should look elsewhere for credit repair services. Credit Divas costs more than it should and the lack of transparency regarding services and terms makes them an undesirable option.