Credit Guys are an all inclusive service that offers consumers many potential solutions for their credit and debt situation. These options include debt settlement, credit repair, debt negotiation, credit education, credit establishment and more. This long list makes them a solid choice for many consumers.


The Credit Guys offer a six step process to help fix credit reports. Essentially they go over your credit report, dispute items that are bringing down your score, and then settle outstanding debts. Additionally, they help you get products to help boost your credit and credit history, like secured credit cards and other options that allow consumers to show creditors that they are a safe bet and not overly risky.

The Credit Guys also get points for their focus on credit education so that their customers will be able to stay out of credit trouble once they are done with the Credit Guy’s program. This focus on education isn’t very common and allows the Credit Guys to move up a peg or two in our reviews. Credit education can help consumers get a grip on the credit, credit reporting, and credit repair process, and let them use credit in a way that enhances their life rather than detracting from it and adding stress.


The Credit Guys don’t have any pricing on their website, which isn’t something we like to see. We’ve found that the best companies for credit repair usually have transparent pricing that lets customers compare their services to the competition and ensure they’re getting the best value for their hard earned dollars. The Credit Guys are still a decent choice for credit repair services, but this would help take them up a notch in our reviews.


Credit Guys are a good choice for those with credit troubles that ay a solution. Their six step process makes sense and will work to improve your credit score. Give them a call if you’re considering credit repair options.