Credit Jack is a credit repair service operating out of Atlanta, GA. They differ from many other credit repair companies in that they do not use a dispute process to remove items from a consumer’s credit, but rather use a team of lawyers and paralegals to file 605(b) complains regarding negative information on a consumer’s credit report.


One of the best things about Credit Jack is that they use a team of lawyers and paralegals that specialize in the laws, regulations, and advisory decisions that govern and shape the credit, credit reporting, and credit repair industries. As a result, they use the law rather than internal credit agency disputes to permanently remove items on a credit report from the public record as well as from the credit report itself. This offers a number of advantages, especially for individuals who are victims of identity theft and have to deal with different collections agencies calling them once a debt has been sold from one agency to another. Moreover, the legal protection and expertise offered by Credit Jack means that customers can be sure that they are operating within the complicated web of laws governing credit and credit repair.


The biggest disadvantage for Credit Jack is their pricing. The basic package starts at $1500, and their premium package runs as much as $2000. This is well above what other credit repair services charge, so customers should make sure that they need the specialized knowledge and strategies used by Credit Jack before paying these prices. This is especially true in the context of the credit repair industry, where people who need credit repair services may not have the cash on hand to afford such high rates, because they need to use cash for everything as they are having a hard time gaining credit.

Another issue is that Credit Jack may not be able to help all customers. For many customers, the standard dispute process, along with letters of goodwill and validation requests, are more than sufficient to improve their credit score. Credit Jack’s services may be like sandblasting a soup cracker for customers who only have some minor issues that need to be cleared up on their credit report. Moreover, because they do not use the standard dispute mechanism, Credit Jack may suffer from delays in results.


Credit Jack is an excellent choice for credit repair services if your situation warrants a team of legal experts, otherwise their pricing is too much for most consumers.