Credit Management Specialists is a credit repair company that operates out of Greely, CO. They have been in business for more than 6 years, and offer a number of different credit solutions for customers. Their services include credit education, credit building, as well as dispute assistance to help consumers remove negative information from their credit reports.


The best thing about Credit Management Specialists is that they take a multi-tiered approach to improving consumers’ credit. This means that they don’t just file disputes on items in a credit report like many other credit repair services. They also offer credit education so that consumers can make informed decisions in the future and avoid the sort of mistakes that hurt their credit to begin with. They also offer credit building services so that consumers can continue to improve their credit once they are done using CMS’s services.

CMS has a good deal of helpful information for customers on their website, including links to help understand basic credit, credit reporting, and credit repair terms, as well as the laws and regulations surrounding and governing that industry. As a result, consumers will have the information they need to provide the assistance that can make the different between success and failure.


The biggest issue we had with CMS was that they don’t have any pricing information on their website. As a result we don’t know if they use a monthly fee model, or if they offer a pay-per-deletion option. Moreover, because there isn’t any pricing, we can assure that CMS provides good value for money. This is especially true in the context of the company offering so many different types of services. While they are all useful, some may be more than some consumers need depending on their cost, and credit repair customers are uniquely vulnerable to paying more than they need to for services.

Moreover, while there is some information about the different services that CMS offers, they don’t go into any great detail about what they do or how it can help consumers. This makes it difficult to evaluate them in an apples-to-apples fashion, and compare them to other credit repair services that offer similar services to their customers.


Credit Management Specialists are a middle of the pack credit repair services company. We can’t recommend them because we don’t know how much their service costs, and so we can’t confidently say that they provide good value for money.