The Credit People are a credit repair service that helps consumers get negative items removed from their credit history. These items can be inaccurate or the result of identity theft, and they hurt consumers by raising interest rates and disqualifying them for loans and other credit.


The first positive aspect of the company we found was that they have one of the best pricing options around. They offer a flat fee package for $299 that comes with six months of service, and their monthly program is only $59 per month after a 7 day trial period for $19. Additionally, there is no long term contract, so consumers can cancel the service at any time. While we generally don’t like the monthly pricing model we do think these are reasonable fees for the services being offered.

The Credit People has the additional benefit of they file disputes with credit reporting agencies to challenge negative and inaccurate information found in credit reports. This information can severely impact a consumer’s credit score, resulting in higher interest rates for loans, or possibly getting denied for loans altogether. These disputes are one of the most common strategies for resolving credit report issues.

The final pro we’d like to highlight is that they have a money-back guarantee for their clients. The terms on this assurance are reasonable, and it shows that they believe in their services and have a customer-focused business model. This is especially important in the credit repair industry as credit repair customers are unlikely to be able to absorb paying out their hard earned money to not see results.


The Credit People isn’t perfect. The first issue we have is they use a pricing model that we don’t particularly care for, monthly fees. This doesn’t work as well for us as a pay-per-deletion model than other credit repair services offer because the customer has to pay but may not get any results for their money. Moreover, they don’t have any control over how long it takes credit reporting agencies to respond to disputes and verification requests, which could mean a surprisingly high bill for the consumer.

The Credit People has another problem, namely that they consistently push the idea of a free consultation. While free consultations are good, and free anything is better for consumers, the free consultations that most credit repair firms offer are a way to get customers in the door, making them more likely to sign up. Thus it is more of a sales tactic than a customer service.

The Credit People loses points because they don’t have any case studies or samples of consumer credit reports available. This makes it hard to verify their success, and knocks them down a few points in our review because before-and-after credit reports from customers is really the best way to show the sort of results that customers can expect from their services.


The Credit People is one of the best credit repair companies that consumers can choose. Their services are reasonably priced and they have flexible options that let customers choose how to get the most out of their service. Combined with the lack of a long term contract and their money-back guarantee, they are breaking into the list of the best credit repair companies.