This company is very interesting in that the services they offer are educational as well as repair-oriented. They even provide an educational service to teach you how to become a credit repair specialist as a career. There are three main programs available – the credit repair program, the Do-It-Yourself Credit Repair eBook and the Credit Repair Academy.

The Specifics of the Credit Repair Programs

Initially under the credit repair program the process begins with a free consultation. In the consultation they review your specific credit situation by reviewing your credit reports from the three main credit reporting agencies. This service is designed for those who would rather have a personal guide through the process of having your credit repaired, but it still requires a great deal of personal attention by the debtor and their participation to achieve the desired results.

Choosing between the Offered Programs

Credit On Point Credit Repair Services seems to recognize that credit repair is a process that does not require a license to practice law or experience at law. Obtaining all three agencies reports is the first step for any credit repair consultation, so it may behoove customers to acquire their reports themselves and do a personal review before creating a list of questions to ask the credit repair services you consult. However, if your credit problems are legitimate debts or accurately placed in your report the process could require an agency that can go after your original creditors and collection agencies and not just appeals to the credit reporting agencies.

It is impossible to measure the likelihood of your letter being more powerful than a letter from a reputable credit agency that has dealt with the credit reporting agencies and collection agencies. The value of such connections and the measure of their reputation with those agencies is difficult to calculate. However, if your issues are simple and easy to articulate the self education program could be the right choice for you.