The Credit Pros has a very clear and easy to understand pricing model that is competitive with other credit repair options in the industry. This makes them a good option for many consumers in the New Jersey area who have lower credit scores than they’d like because of harmful or inaccurate information on their credit reports.


The first positive aspect of the company we found was that their rate and fee structure are very clear, which means consumers know exactly what they’ll be paying should they choose to use the company’s services. Our research indicates that companies with greater transparency frequently get better results in terms of customer satisfaction and customer service.

They also gained points in our review because they only charge customers for items that have been deleted. This is better than the monthly fee model because it means consumers only pay for the results they get. Credit repair is an industry where this is particularly relevant, as most credit repair customers don’t have money to spend without seeing any results. We also noticed that companies that use a pay-per-deletion model are more likely to receive higher marks for customer satisfaction and customer service.

The Credit Pros charge $179 startup for individuals, and then $50 for each confirmed deletion from credit reporting agency records, and $75 for deletion from public records. Couples pay a startup fee of $279. The startup fees are a bit higher than other credit repair companies, but that might be due to the market they operate in. Moreover, the pay per deletion model means that you’re only paying for results, so the higher start up fee is probably worth it when compared to the $100 or more monthly fees that many other credit repair companies charge.


They do have some issues however, the first being that they don’t have the detailed list of services that we want to see from the best credit repair companies. A detailed services list is a good indicator of the resources a company is willing to put into the repair process, and is important when judging the value-for-money of their services. Companies that have a clear list of the services they offer generally did better in terms of the customer service and satisfaction ratings they got from us, other reviewers, and customers.