Credit Repair 88 is a relatively new credit repair firm operating out of San Jose, California. They specialize in credit counseling and advice, and focus on negotiating with creditors to secure favorable terms or access to credit for individuals who do not have an excellent credit history.


Credit Repair 88 offers a number of services that many consumers will find useful. For example, they work with car dealerships in order to secure financing for individuals, and offer a similar service for home loans. They claim to be able to qualify individuals for $50-250k in unsecured credit to help them start improving their credit record. They offer a number of links to helpful resources, including the various federal, state, and local pages that have information on the laws covering credit, lending, and credit reporting.


The biggest issue that Credit Repair 88 has impacts all of their other services, and that is a lack of information. They don’t provide any details on the steps they take to help consumers improve their credit, get better terms on loans, or access to financing in the first place. They claim that they can improve your credit score in 30 days, but without an explanation of how these sorts of claims should be regarded as dubious at best.

Moreover, Credit Repair 88 does not offer any information about the pricing for their services, which means we can’t look at the value to dollar benefits that people get from employing their services. A lack of pricing transparency also usually relates to lower customer service and satisfaction based on the research that we’ve done for these reviews. There’s no way of telling what kind of fee structure or payment model Credit 88 is using, which is important because we recommend consumers use a results-based pricing approach, otherwise they’ll be paying monthly fees to a credit repair service while waiting for the major credit reporting agencies to respond to dispute claims. They claim that they want to be responsive to user feedback, and our advice to them is to have more upfront information regarding their pricing and service details.

Finally, while they have some helpful links, Credit Repair 88 doesn’t offer any free credit, credit score, credit reporting, or dispute process information to consumers, which is a bit of a red flag for us.


Credit Repair 88 seems like a good place to go if you live in California and are having problems getting financing for a home or car, but otherwise consumers should look elsewhere.