The Credit Repair Agents are a credit repair service based in Chandler, AZ. They offer a number of services for customers looking to repair bad credit histories that can be the result of late payments, missed payments, bankruptcy, defaults, identity theft, or other causes.


The best thing about the Credit Repair Agents is that they seem to operate on a results-based payment model, which is better for customers because it means that they will only pay for the improvements they receive. This is better than the advance-fee model which requires that customers put money down up-front and pay the same no matter what level of service they are receiving. It also makes it less predictable in terms of the final cost to the customer. The Credit Repair Agents also offer a 24/7 only access portal that lets customers review their accounts and keep track of the different advice and actions that the Credit Repair Agents have given them and taken for them.


The Credit Repair Agents are not perfect, however. The biggest issue we had was pricing transparency. There isn’t any pricing information on their website and it was hard to find any information in the customer reviews that were available. Make sure that you review the terms carefully if you’re considering going with the Credit Repair Agents so you know how much their services will cost. For example, make sure you understand if the price for deletion of an item is over all, or per-report. Many credit repair services list a price for removing something like a late payment, but charge that fee for each of the three major credit reporting agencies, resulting in three times the price the customer was expecting to pay if they were under the impression that the price listed was one time only.

Another issue that we had with the Credit Repair Agents is that their FAQ and educational information was lacking. They only cover the very basics of credit repair and credit reporting, and neglect to offer any information on their own services. They also have an out-of-date blog that hasn’t been updated in 4 years, which is an indication that they aren’t trying to stay current with user information and are just trying to generate search results.


The Credit Repair Agents rank in the bottom of the middle in terms of companies we reviewed. Their pricing is a mystery and they don’t show a commitment to consumer education.