Credit Repair Magic is a software program offered by a company of the same name. The software uses an automated approach to helping consumers repair credit scores damaged by negative or inaccurate entries. The program includes template letters for disputes and goodwill requests, and bills itself as self-directed rather than do it yourself.


The one-time fee that customers pay for Credit Repair Magic makes it an appealing option. The program will operate to analyze and evaluate a customer’s credit situation and recommend steps that they can take in order to improve their credit. This makes it appealing for individuals that work at non-standard times or that don’t have the time to visit a credit repair consultant. Moreover, Credit Magic has the necessary letter templates to allow customers to do everything that they might hire a credit repair firm to do. This allows them to save money and fix their credit on their own schedule. Some consumers may get faster results as a result of this, because they are only working on their credit and not handling credit issues for a number of other customers as well.


There are a number of issues with Credit Repair Magic. The first is that it does not offer the same level of personalization and insight that customers can get from working with a credit repair company. Moreover, the software may or may not be updated for the latest laws and regulations that govern credit, credit reporting, and credit repair. As a result it may result in customers filing ineffective challenges, or leave them unaware of laws and regulations that might assist their efforts.

Credit Magic doesn’t offer substantial information on their website. All of their FAQs are very broad and focus on what the program can and can’t do. As a result customers may not understand the advice the program is giving them if they lack a background in the different aspects of the credit repair and credit reporting industries. Moreover, the customer still has to do most of the work themselves. While Credit Repair Magic’s template letters are useful, customers can get letters of similar or even better quality on many popular consumer credit discussion boards. This means that the value Credit Repair Magic offers in minimal at best.


Customers should look elsewhere for credit repair services. Credit Repair Magic doesn’t have any features that justify the price consumers pay for it.