Credit Repair Minnesota is based in Minneapolis, and specializes in finding ways to help customers get out of credit trouble and stay out of credit trouble. They offer dispute and credit education services, so consumers can boost their FICO score by eliminating bad credit report items, while building it with a track record of on time payments.


The first positive aspect of the company we found was that they offer a dispute service that assists consumers in targeting detrimental information on their credit reports, including late or missed payments, bankruptcies, defaults, tax liens, judgements, and more. These pieces of information can greatly impact a person’s credit score and leave them suffering from higher interest rats on loans and credit. Negative information can even disqualify someone for loans and credit, making disputes a great tool for credit repair services and clients.

They also impressed us in that they have solid consumer information regarding credit, credit services, the credit reporting process, and more. This gives them a boost because our research shows that companies that put more effort into consumer information and education generally have better marks when it comes to customer service and customer satisfaction. Moreover, consumer education shows a greater focus on helping the consumer with their financial situation, and less like the credit repair company views itself as merely another business.


They do have some issues however, the first being that they lack a clear description of their rates and fees. This means consumers will have to set an appointment or reach them by phone to get more information, potentially wasting the consumer’s valuable time and energy. Moreover, our research shows that companies with transparent pricing and fee structures have better marks for customer satisfaction and service.


Credit Repair Minnesota are a standard credit repair firm. They have all the basic tools and options one would expect, and little in the way of extra frills or bonuses. If you live in Minneapolis they might be worth looking into, otherwise there are probably better options for your credit repair needs.