Credit Repair Solutions is a credit repair service company that offers credit and debt counseling. The business opened in 2005 and is based in San Jose, CA. Their mission is to help people improve their credit score and reduce their debt burden.


Credit Repair Solutions has a number of positive reviews from customers that say the company was able to help them get their credit improved by helping them understand what credit is, how it works, and what steps they can take in order to improve their credit. Many reviews complimented the office and the office staff, extolling their politeness and customer service. These reviews serve as a decent indication that credit repair solutions is a company that is able to follow through on its promises and commitment to help its customers improve their credit score. Credit Repair solutions also offers a money back guarantee.


There are plenty of things to not like about Credit Repair Solutions. The bad reviews were almost as numerous as the positive ones, and the bad reviews generally came from customers who had checked in while at the business’s offices, while there weren’t any verifiable check-ins for the business’s positive reviews. This creates a risk that the good reviews are fake or purchased by the company. We don’t have any evidence that this is the case, but the way that the reviews look certainly make it a possibility.

Credit Repair Solutions also has a number of problems with their website. The biggest problem is that there is no transparency or information offered about their pricing, what their service entails, or the terms of their service or money-back guarantee. As a result we can’t recommend Credit Repair Solutions because we cannot accurately evaluate the value-for-money of their services. Moreover, we can’t tell what kind of pricing model they use, nor can we verify that there aren’t any hooks or catches for their money-back offer. Finally, because there’s no information on the terms of their service, customers may find themselves locked into a long term contract that they don’t need or that doesn’t suite their credit issues. Moreover, a lack in pricing and terms transparency is generally an indicator of lower quality customer service across the various credit repair companies we reviewed.


Consumers seeking credit repair services should probably look elsewhere for their needs. If you do decide to go to Credit Repair Solutions make sure you are prepared to refuse a contract, and read it thoroughly before signing.