This credit repair service has a very descriptive website and provides some very useful general information about credit, credit repair and the process of correcting credit report errors. They seem pretty shady about their role in the process, however. The communication Credit Repair Today initiates is all through you and rather than act as your agent constantly they require your active and ongoing participation in a manner that makes you your own agent.

Credit Repair with You as the Agent

Credit Repair Today Credit Repair Services do an online credit analysis, better known as a computerized consultation. They are also willing to provide free phone consultations. Basically, they are charging a monthly fee of $99 a month for six months. That $735.00 buys you a year of their service and includes an additional sign-up fee of $135.00 for an individual. They also offer a couple rate, which may be helpful to some people since it is definitely less expensive. But their explanation of their money back guarantee leaves a great deal to be desired. They claim that at the end of the year of service they will calculate how many items they removed and “charge” you $60.00 per removed item as well as a one time administrative fee of $125.00. They then subtract that dollar amount from the total of your monthly payments you paid and give you the difference as a refund.

Predictability vs. Agency

Although the service is fairly straightforward (theoretically) about their price, it seems pretty clear that an individual’s administrative and sign up fees alone are $260.00 – there is no option to cancel that I saw, and their service requires a pretty diligent customer – you are required to follow their process on the website and provide Credit Repair Today with all the information you get from the credit bureaus to them in a “timely” fashion. That means that if you are not a constant and ACTIVE participant in their interactive web process, they are not liable for the removal of any item your negligence caused and will not refund money on those items. Procrastinators beware!