Credit Restoration of Nevada is a credit repair firm operating in Nevada. They have a mix of paid and free services to help clients get a better understanding of how credit and credit repair works. Additionally, they work with creditors directly as well as credit reporting agencies, providing an added level of value for their clients.


One of the things we liked most about Credit Restoration of Nevada is that they have a good mix of paid and free services for their clients. This gives consumers the ability to get information on credit and credit repair without having to commit to spending money with the company. This is a good indicator that the company is in business to help out consumers, and gets them some points in our review.

We were also impressed with the fact that they work directly with creditors to negotiate on your behalf. This is going above and beyond the call of most credit repair companies, and provides a number of ways for consumers to boost their FICO score and get their debt situation under control. Most credit repair firms only work with the major credit reporting agencies, so this is a nice level of added service.


They do have some issues however, the first being that their prices are higher than average when it comes to credit repair services. This can put consumers in a bind because their bad credit hurts their ability to access capital, but without capital they can’t access the credit repair services they need. As a result, they lose a few points on our review. Our research generally points to the idea that reasonable or average prices are generally associated with better results for customers and higher levels of customer satisfaction.


Credit Restoration of Nevada is a good option for Nevada residents looking to get out of debt and boost their FICO score. Despite the higher than average price, Credit Restoration of Nevada still provides an excellent list of services to help out clients.