Credit Revitalize is a credit repair firm that offers a number of attractive options for consumers who are suffering from bad credit. This includes a proprietary process, and the claims that they can remove all negative items from a credit report. They say that they are 74% more effective than traditional credit repair companies, and also claim that most customers see results within 30 days.


One of the best things they have going for them is that they have many case studies available on their site which demonstrates the results that consumers have received from the company’s services. These case studies move them up a few points in our review because they serve as clear, verifiable proof that the companies services are successful.

Credit Revitalize also impressed us in that they provide a detailed list of all the different ways they can help repair a consumer’s credit. This lets consumers understand what to expect when comparing their services, and can protect them from using a company that will only attempt tactics that the consumer has already tried themselves. As a result, detailed services lists get extra points in our rankings for credit service companies.

The last pro we’d like to note is that they will file up to 60 challenges to credit report items in the first 30 days. This is far more than many credit repair services offer, and makes them especially attractive for consumers who have been victims of identity theft or who have a large number of negative comments on their credit report.


Credit Revitalize does have some issues however, the first being that they don’t offer debt collection services, which can be nice for many consumers who are looking for credit repair services. This isn’t absolutely necessary, but it is something we see from the best credit repair services.

Credit Revitalize has another problem, namely that they don’t have a clear description of their rates and fees on their website. This forces customers to reach out for more information, which is a sales tactic. The result is that consumers may lose valuable time in meetings or on the phone only to find out that they do not like or want the services the company has to offer. This lack of transparency also corresponds to lower customer satisfaction ratings and costs the company points in our review.

Credit Revitalize loses points because they don’t have much consumer information or education. Our research indicates that this generally results in lower customer satisfaction scores, as customers aren’t sure how they can help with the process, and thus miss valuable dispute and goodwill opportunities. The result can impact the company’s services, and consumers might find themselves in credit trouble again because they don’t know what practices are helping or hurting their score. As a result, this costs them some points in our review.


Credit Revitalize is an interesting choice for credit repair services. On one hand, we don’t like that they don’t have any pricing information or ranges on their website, but the success rates and results they’ve achieved make them an incredibly attractive option. They only just missing making our list of the top credit repair companies.