Credit RX America is a credit repair service located in Atlanta, Georgia. They operate on a results-based payment model, which means they only get paid if your negative information is removed from your credit report. They are reasonably well regarded online and offer a variety of credit counseling services.


Credit RX America has a huge point for them in that they don’t charge a number of fees that are common to the credit repair industry. This includes setup fees, upfront service fees, and monthly fees. Moreover, they get paid for results, not on an advanced payment model. This means that they only generate revenue by executing the tasks that you hired them for. This generally results in better customer services as well as better results for consumers. They work with a number of different debt problems, including bankruptcy, student loans, tax liens, foreclosures, and more.

Credit RX America also has a reasonably well laid out and useful website. It has a basic FAQ section to help customers get a better idea of what credit repair is and what it entails, as well as a breakdown of their pricing and an explanation of their services. This sort of transparency speaks well for them and gives us more confidence that Credit RX America is a good source of credit repair services.


Credit RX America is a smaller firm, so they may not have access to the resources and contacts that larger credit repair firms can use to customer’s advantage. They are also a relatively young company, and don’t have the established track record that other credit repair firms have constructed for themselves. As a result some consumers may find that Credit RX America isn’t the best option for them, or doesn’t have as much experience dealing with the customer’s unique situation as they might hope.

Credit RX America also loses some points for a lack of description of their methods. This means we can’t verify that their procedures are in line with federal, state, and local regulations regarding credit repair services, although to be fair, we didn’t find any indication that they were breaking these laws with their procedures or methods.


Credit RX America is a good place to go for credit repair services. They have a favorable payment model, and a number of positive reviews online that indicate customers are on the whole happy with the services they get.