The Credit Store is a credit repair service located in Mobile, Alabama. They offer a number of credit repair services as well as consumer information regarding the credit repair process and how credit reporting works.


The Credit Store has a very detailed explanation of their process, along with assurances that their services fall within the range of federal, state, and local laws governing credit repair services. This is reassuring as well as providing value to the customer because they know exactly what to expect from the Credit Store’s process and methods. Their process includes a credit report, a consultation regarding the consumer’s credit report, a plan of action to fix the credit report, and training and information to help prevent credit from going bad again. Another benefit that The Credit Store has is that they offer monthly classes for their customers that will help them understand the different facets of credit reporting so that they can ensure that they are managing their credit score at the most optimal level possible. Unlike many credit repair companies, The Credit Store also has the timeframes for their various services listed. This allows customers to have a good idea when they should start seeing results from The Credit Store’s services, and allow them to engage in other financial planning strategies.


There are a number of issues with The Credit Store. While there is useful information on their website, it is laid out in a confusing and hard to read manner, which may deter some consumers from employing their services. Additionally, we couldn’t find any information regarding pricing on their site. The only clues were a fast link to pay a monthly fee. This indicates that The Credit Score does not use a results-based payment model, which is preferable for consumers engaging in credit repair services, as they may wind up paying too much money for not enough results. The Credit Store also does not have any information regarding the experience they have or the types of credit issues they specialize in. This could result in consumers having a credit situation that The Credit Store simply isn’t prepared to deal with and could result in wasted time and money, especially if they do not use a results-based fee model.


The Credit Store is an acceptable choice if you are located near enough to them to take advantage of their monthly classes, otherwise consumers should look elsewhere.